Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pics

KL is a short flight north of Singapore, a country rich in culinary heritage from the Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures plus an obvious past connection to Western colonists. It is also a rich country from the oil and gas industry; my first visit in 1983 saw a very different society, what appeared third world to me at that time is now fully integrated with all the trappings of Western modern comforts – in just over 30 years it has changed dramatically yet so many of those traditional foods still remain a part of daily life in Malaysia. Hotels offer a broad selection of foods to suit all then there are neighbourhoods with single purpose restaurant kitchens catering to specific styles, Indian Banana Leaf Curry Houses, Satay Hawkers, Modern Malay kitchens, Chinese and the famous open air Chili Crab houses where great flying platters of ultra fresh seafood and vegetables are eaten with your hands resulting in an indulgent satiety, a sting of chilies around your mouth and hands that need a thorough wash.

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