Bruce Lim, part 2


The spirit of hospitality shows its head in many ways, sadly most in our mind are in a commercial sense, a great restaurant experience, a warm welcome to a cool hotel, a visit to a wonderful winery, yet the most genuine one is that which comes from sheer friendliness. I had an amazing day spending time with Chef Bruce Lim in various cities within the greater metro area of Manila. Our common  bond of being cooks brought us together and he shared his world with me without restraint, I met his tightest pal, his kids, he showed me the inside track of his food scene without ambition of showing only the best, the most “correct” or any other limitation, it was just a day. One that I won’t forget; here is another look at Manila, from a Taiwanese lunch in Quezon City to a rough and tumble, yet awesome wet market, hope you enjoy the pics.


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