Dim Lit Alleys HK



Hong Kong is a beehive, a swirling, buzzing swarm of activity, people rushing, working, eating, buying, lifting, shouting, moving, on and on. And look up. This is not a single plane but rather everything- malls and stores and restaurant building go ten stories up, escalators and stairs and elevators whisking shoppers up and down. Apartment buildings are tall and tight, like a table full of glasses crammed together so they are nearly touching. We blast around in bus, ferry, train and super cool Toyota taxi “limos” that feel like 80s Benz’, more leg room that you should be allowed in this town.

his friends always wanted him to go to bars with them

Kowloon, “the dark side” is across the bay and is the dirty cousin that every city has, not as many expensive cars or handbags but more fun and even noisier. Neighbourhoods are lined with street food stands that range from the familiar to the outrageous, food on a stick rules here and portability + dynamic taste makes for lineups. Curved bubble waffles smelling of vanilla custard and toast, barely cooked squid legs on a stick with dark soy glaze, “tacoyaki” Tim Bits with chunks of octopus with soy glaze, mayo and shredded seaweed are eaten with a skewer, and crisp fried chicken dusted with mind numbing cayenne dust, it just does not end. They don’t call it poutine but there is a stall with the ubiquitous fry concoction, here a little beyond curds and gravy as you can imagine. Hmm.. Chuck Hughes should have set up shop here 5 years ago.

squid on a stick, just like in Saskatchewan


Hong Kong bubble waffles at Mammys
you know, a fish shaped sweet bun filled with soft ice cream

I scout out snacks in our area as I know that tonight, after a long shoot day, Anna will not want to park for a long haul in a restaurant but rather walk and eat light on the go. Each of the little side streets and alleys yield options, single shops and solo entrepreneurship’s filled with imagination, sweat and dedication, no company manual or standard greeting proffered by waiters, yes the little guys that we like so much. Maybe a plate of noodles or some steamed green vegetables, a curry, a little sandwich with something crisp, some ginger and Japanese Kewpie mayo? We shall see, the alleys wait, I can hear them breathing…


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