Manila From The Car Window



In Saigon, everyone rides scooters, outnumbering cars 50:1 but in Manila, there is a traffic snarl of cars, buses and Jeepneys, the utility vehicle turned mini bus that repeats a neighbourhood route, costing pennies and the most common way to get around for the majority of the city’s massive population. These photos are simply what I saw looking out the car window, normal life, no judgement, just reality.



I am this city

It’s hot, I’m dirty, I sweat

I ache, I sweat, I burp

My stomach growls

I’m angry, I push a man against a wall

The streets slow to a crawl

I keep the poor next to the river

I stretch, I moan, I shout

I work hard, lift stones, wash a car

But they smile no matter what I do

They sing, they pray, they make music

They cook, they share, they love

Nurture, lift, care

These people

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